Trap Sensor event status not automatically updating on App

I have a tick in the box for Auto-Sync incoming changes in General settings
But the current event status of sensors is not updating on the app so I cannot see which traps have triggered.
I have to go to project settings and click Flush Project Cache to update the status of my sensors to show the sensors correctly.
Please note sensors have been triggered for 6 or more hours so it is not the timing of auto sync.

Hi Tim,

Yes, I’m suffering the same lack of functionality for sensors. It is a relatively quick fix to add a ‘sensor sync’ button to the sensors tab so in the first instance we might do that. Let me know if would suit.

For reference, the auto-sync checks for incoming changes every 15 minute and the check is initiated by user interaction, so this won’t help if you want instant updates.

For sensors there is potentially a lag of up to five minutes for our backend to receive updates from the sensor providers. Hopefully we can shorten this up in the future.

There is also a background task that actively checks for sensor notifications. This is configured for 15 minute polling but often that is overridden by the phone operating system, particularly on iOS so sadly isn’t reliable.

Hope that helps,

Hi Andy,
It is good hear that it is just not me (I am on Android) having sensor sync issues. Since I am the IT person for our local projects sometimes it hard to know what issues new and old volunteers will have with the use of the app when I am still finding out how it works and I do not have an iPhone to test on. Our current live trapping project area has everyone using the Encounter Solutions Trap Watch app which is only available on Android. But we have some new volunteers with iPhones so have got them using the app.
We have a new project area 70km away with all new volunteers starting in November so keen to get them to all use the app, so I only have to teach the volunteers on one app and so all of the catch information goes to the one database :slight_smile:

Yes a sensor sync button would be good. The Flush Project Cache works in the meantime but for the less tech savy a clear sync button would be more user friendly. The main thing is for the rostered volunteer to be able to sync the app when they check in the morning to see what traps have triggered overnight so they know what traps they have to visit that day.

The 15 minute check for changes is working ok, as it is only the trap triggered status in the morning sync we need. The email notifications are working good and even better than Encounter Solutions notifications as the notifications are in NZST/NZDST rather than UTC

Hi Tim,

Thought I’d give you an update. We’ve discussed some of this internally and are planning to make the api provide the updates in real time rather than timed batches. That will help greatly when combined with a refresh button.

Also the next update removes the ‘closed app’ notifications. Sadly the phone manufacturers are making it impossible to do this as they are all playing battery life wars and forcibly crashing apps that run background services for extended periods. It’s a real shame as it would be really useful, but it’s out of our hands.

I’m also now working on the in app ‘move installation’ functionality, long over due but hopefully ready in the new year.


Hi Andy, Thanks for the update. Yes, I have worked out most of the unique problems people are having for the two trapping apps we are using is due different power saving and background services settings that are being used by each phone.