Trapping Myna Birds


Myna Birds (Acridotheres tristis) are huge pest in our area.

They chase away native birds and I have also heard they take over native bird nest sites.

Has anyone tried trapping then with a c, see this you tube video about them

If you have trapped them, what did you have success with in catching them?


Sorry typo on my message, it should read a PeeGee trap

I have just about finished building a PG trap, but I’m going away tomorrow so not ready to try it yet. Feel free to send me a progress request in a month or so if I forget. Sounds like they should work, but I’me curious what impact the magpies will have as they will no doubt like the cat food lure and may scare off the mynas. I need to knock back the magpie population too.

Hi Gary,

I use a Trapworks Magpie Trap for Mynas with Chefade as bait.

At first I was catching them by accident when 2 were stupid enough to go into the same cage and have the weight to trigger the trap. Now that the Magpies are gone, and the Myna population exploded somewhat, I now put a dob of Chefade at the entrance to the cage and a larger dob on the floor of the cage right by the pivoting point of the trap. This has been very effective because when the Mynas go to eat the Chefade, they tend to jump a little as they peck at it and this seems to be sufficient to trigger the trap. I’m now catching a lot more singles in one trap.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks Ian, I wonder if “Chefade” would work for stoats as well? I must try that…Gary

Yes I have almost finished my PG Trap, looking at the entrance. I don’t think a Magpie would be able to get into it.

We don’t have many magpies on our property, sure we hear them in our valley. But they tend to stay around bigger paddocks.

Yes interested to hear how you get on with your trap, thanks…Gary

Hi Gary - I think you’ve supposed to sprinkle cat food (dyed red is even better) around the trap to get them used to the food and when they finish what is on the outside, they’ll see more inside. I was concerned that the magpies might A) eat the cat food B) loiter around the cage and deter the mynas from approaching. Time will tell. Cheers, Cam

I have finished the PG Myna Trap, now we wait to see if the Myna’s come near it :slight_smile:


Well I think I have discovered the best HedgeHog trap around :slight_smile:


Update on the PG Trap, finally caught the first Myna Bird Yesterday.

Also caught two black birds and a thrush (Both released).

So the trap does work, just need to work on a bait that won’t attract other birds.

I hear red cat food is better, but still unable to find any that is red.

See ya…Gary

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And so, the obvious question is how to dispose of them? Air gun?

No, probably too much chance of damaging the cage.

I covered it in a large black garden bag and ran a hose pipe from a cold started lawnmower.

It didn’t take long at all to kill the Myna.


Here is a link to a pdf for detailed construction plans (from an Australian community group)
I may have a go at making one, depending on cost of the mesh.

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My best hedgy trap? dig a hole - they invariably blunder into it

Do mynas nest in holes ? I’m using a trap in a nesting box for starlings