Using AI to analysis camera images

Hi TrapNZ,

I have been trying to use your AI function for analysis of camera monitoring images. Our project in Hunua uses 32 trail camera’s to monitor target pests i.e. pigs, possum, cats. I have recently uploaded the data set for each camera for the period Oct 2022 to Feb 2023. The images appear to have been uploaded to our project but the AI analysis function has not worked. During the upload process there is the option to select analysis with AI which was selected. Each camera will have anywhere from 30 to several thousand images. At each upload the analysis appears to be working as the yellow tag appears on the first images and a box telling you that analysis is working and the user can close the screen. All camera’s have zero pests detected, none appear to be labelled as “empty”. I know for manual review that the camera images do contain images with target pests. I am unsure if the AI didn’t run properly or if the analysis tool is not accurately detecting the target pests in the images.

why can the running of the AI analysis only occur at upload time? Can there be an option to run this after images uploaded tot he website?

How do I know if the AI checking of the images occurred ? vs nothing detected? I have been told images with nothing detected would have been categorized as “empty”, is this correct?


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@mirandab Thanks for bringing this to our attention it appears there is an issue, we are currently investigating it

We are having the same issue. Has there been a fix with this yet?

@mirandab @hilary.sheaff the have been a number of updates to the image upload and recognition functions (see Trail camera image recognition functions updated)