What's wrong with my DOC200

I can’t get my DOC200 to set. I was thinking my treadle plate was too low or my trigger bar too high, but now I’m not convinced either are the issue.

Is it too loose or will it not let you get the kill bar into position?
I’ve had both problems before. It’s usually a pretty easy fix.

I can get the kill bar into position but the trigger arm hangs free with quite a big gap between it and the arm of the treadle plate so it can’t be set as the trigger arm won’t stay in place.

Raising the sear - the small metal square that the trigger arm sits against - might work. I use a size 2 or 3 square-head screwdriver and firmly tap the underside of the sear using a hammer. If you overdo it, you can use the hammer to tap the sear back down again.

It might be time for some WD-40!

I hope this helps.

It looks like the swing arm mounting bar has been bent upwards.

Here is a copy of the video on how to reset the DOC200.“C:\Users\Kevin Mullane\OneDrive\Pictures\Pictures\List of files\Pest\Video\How to set up and service a DOC200 kill trap for conservation.mp4”

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I can bend it down a tiny bit, but anymore then the kill bar doesn’t catch on the top of the swing bar. I’ll try and bend the arm a bit further down and raise the snub slightly. I also gave everything a good spray with WD40 yesterday to see if it allows anything to move better but it all seemed pretty smooth moving.

Thanks for all the tips, just really had to commit to a bit of bending and trial and improvement. It’s been in the garage all week, but in the end bait station got the rat in there so it’s now up in the chicken paddock.

I’m glad that you got the bugger.

Learning how to change the settings of your DOC traps makes a big difference. I was gifted 2 DOC 200s when I first started trapping, but I didn’t know that their settings could be changed. One was set at 220g and the other at 250g, which explained why my numbers were so low. Once I set them to 80g, the slaughter began!