Diy long lasting bait

Buying bait from suppliers is becoming a rather expensive issue. Has anyone had success with a particular recipe where the bait lasts for a long time eg month to 5 months. Looking to catch rats, mustelids, and possums. I was thinking of cinnamon and using terracotta plugs (from Connovation) to hold the lure but need a carrier oil/liquid. However this might work for rats and possums but unlikely for mustelids.

I believe the carrier for Connovation lures is very likely glycerol, which is readily available and cheap.

I have posted on longer life lures for rats and possums, but I imagine you might be able to adapt some of it to your challenges:

Terracotta lures for Victor traps
Mouldy bait? Potassium sorbate
Mould-resistant Nutella lure aka “rat truffles”

I am also interested in the application of Nara lures, but I am yet to try them.

NARA Lures - Any experience?

Let me know if you would like to discuss further. I would be interested to hear how you go.

Thanks Dan. I was already on the track of making my own terracotta lures but went and bought a terracotta tray that was non absorbent ( fired at a higher temperature I was told). Appears most pots in shops are like this. Thought of a terracotta wine cooler as a replacement but use mine and have not as yet looked for another.
I have ordered a number of terracotta lures from Connovation (salmon and Cinnamon) as need them for dual purpose (catching Rats/mustelids/possums/cats). Once these have run out I will try your suggestion of glycerol as the carrier for lure scent. I have been using PoaUku from Connovation which has been good for rats but over 6 months not a single mustelid, which I know are there.
I should really be more scientific in my approach re success rate but there are so many factors such as weather, site of trap, human scent etc. that influence catch success, that I’m not sure worth the effort plus difficult to do controls and statistical analysis for significance (last did this 56 years ago!).

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You are quite right, some of the terracotta pots and trays are fired at a higher temperature (which increases vitrification) and they have closed porosity. I tested a few items I already had for absorbency and found a few that worked fine. I have used the Connovation chocolate lure with good results.

I also have difficulty catching mustelids. It would be good to know if the salmon variety of lure is effective on mustelids and/or cats.

We have just started baiting with a salmon oil/mayo mix and so far seem to be getting good results on mustelids. I have also noticed an increase of cats (from not ever getting them in traps to having got 3-4 past 2 months.